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Seven Study Moods to Start School Strong!

Semester begins, for me at least, in about two weeks. Academic stuff is already beginning to fill my plate, with graduate school applications starting to be due in MID OCTOBER, jeegus. This means that it’s time for my first STUDY MOOD post of the new school year! These are all ways I like to study – they keep me focused and grounded in what I’m trying to do. Pick your favorite, or try one a day all week!

The Gardener: Drinking mint tea, drawing mind maps in a nature-filled space, listening to birdsong.

  1. This is a fresh way to connect ideas! It also leaves you feeling refreshed, which is a great bonus.

The Knitter: Drinking cider, rewriting notes in a warm sweater, listening to jazz.

  1. Knitting makes me feel cozy. Feeling cozy makes me feel grounded. Feeling grounded helps me stay focused, instead of getting distracted every five minutes. Just don’t fall asleep!

The Baker: Drinking hot cocoa, writing down your though process for working through problems, listening to the sounds of the cafe around you.

  1. When I bake, it’s very much so a process of following directions and thinking through each step beforehand. Harness that process and that atmosphere to write down your though processes.

The Runner: Drinking lemon water, drilling flashcards in a sunlit room, listening to pump-up music.

  1. Running (while something I suck at) is GREAT at clearing your mind. It’s a process of endurance. Get through that stack of flashcards the way Bolt gets through the 100 meter.

The Blogger: Drinking coffee, writing essays at Starbucks, listening to a band no one else has heard of.

  1. Hey, if it’s pretentious, but it works, it’s not pretentious! Just don’t spend $4 every day on a latte, that’s how you go broke.

The Scrapbooker: Drinking lemonade, working on a project at a big table, listening to folk music.

  1. Some projects are practically works of art, especially if you need to use poster board for them. Think of the project as a fun thing, and it will get done quicker!

The Mess: Drinking something from a vending machine, reading a textbook in your bed late a night, listening to the sound of Your Regrets.

  1. Not recommended.

Good luck with your school year!

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