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7 Holiday Study Moods

Winter finals are soon, as are the holidays! Combine the best of both worlds and use some holiday study moods to get you ready for everything.

Pine-Scented Pals: Earl Grey, Leslie Odom Jr’s Christmas album, writing essays with your best friend.

  1. Fa la la la friendship! You can motivate each other!

Solstice Scenester: Your favorite Starbucks holiday drink, sitting on that comfy velvet couch every Starbucks has, reading the most impressive looking textbooks you have.

  1. Gosh, you’re looking sharp. Impress everyone who sees you with how studious you are. Just make sure you actually read the book!

Merry Master’s: Black coffee with a crushed peppermint, listening to classic carols (through your headphones!) in the dustiest, quietest part of the library, writing your eighth paper this week.

  1. It’s festive if you’re listening to Christmas music, not sad.

Winter Weirdo: Christmas Mass service music from the 1200’s, mulled cider, figuring out mnemonics so you don’t need any of this “paper” nonsense to remember stuff for finals.

  1. Do like they did centuries ago, and figure out how you’d use the oral tradition to pass down your new knowledge.

New Year Nerd: Pump-up music, drinking something fizzy, working late at night on a project due next week.

  1. Harness the power of New Year’s Eve in early December. Use all that pump-up energy to Final-Countdown your way to completion.

Hall-Decking Dork: Whatever holiday music makes you sing along, hot chocolate, while reviewing flashcards in the awesome, decorated space of your choice.

  1. Bop along while getting those facts in your brain. Then, when you have those songs stuck in your head later, you’ll hopefully have the flashcard knowledge as well.

Grinch: Mountain Dew, AC/DC, revising your notes exactly like you have all semester, without any of this holiday nonsense.

  1. Hey, you do you. If you’ve found something that works, just keep trucking along and ignore the stupid holidays altogether.

You got this!

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