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Fall Study Aesthetics

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been in the mood for fall since about July. When you consider that midterms are in a week, and my window was frosted over this morning, I think that it’s time for a study moods post about the best season.

Each mood can be done individually, or you can do all seven over the course of a week!

The PSL: Drinking a PSL, at a Starbucks, listening to the hum of people around you and writing an essay.

  1. This is the most Basic Fall Mood. I know I certainly have enough essays to write that I could do this every day for the rest of the semester.

The Apple Cider: Drinking apple cider, sitting under a tree on a sunny day, listening to the rustling leaves and memorizing flashcards.

  1. Do this one soon, because it’s getting cold quickly!

The Hot Chocolate: Drinking hot chocolate, wearing your fuzziest sweater, listening to jazz and quizzing a friend.

  1. Hot chocolate is something to be shared. This is a great mood for when you want to work with a friend on that next bio test!

The Black Tea: Drinking black tea in a student lounge, listening to your favorite song, rewriting your notes.

  1. Strong black tea and student lounges both make me feel like being Productive(TM) more than basically anything else, so when I have a task that feels Sisyphean, those are my go-to combo.

The Hot Coffee: Drinking coffee in the library, listening to folk punk (Mischief Brew) and making study guides.

  1. Folk music just says fall to me. So when I need to get myself pumped up for something, I switch to caffeine and folk punk, because I am a pop-punk girl at heart.

The Eggnog: Drinking eggnog at a friend’s place, listening to your favorite TV show and studying for a test.

  1. Eggnog is being sold at my local grocery store, apparently! Ahhh! It’s another one of those drinks best had with friends, so go hang out, socialize, and see if you can’t get some studying in too.

The Cranberry Juice: Drinking cranberry juice with the windows open, listening to the happiest music you know, writing a speech.

  1. Cranberry juice is great for staying alert. When you have to concentrate making sure something will make sense, cranberry and an autumn breeze will absolutely help you out.

Have fun with midterms!

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