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Seven Musical Study Moods

Studying as a music major can sometimes be a bit of a struggle. I’ve found that the easiest way to succeed is by tying in my passion for music to help motivate me to study other, different music. If you’ve hit a studying roadblock, consider these study moods to help refresh yourself – try your favorites, or use a different one every day of the week!

  1. The Musical-Lover:

  2. Ingredients: Your favorite fizzy drink, Golden Age musicals, writing papers on a balcony somewhere.

  3. I don’t know about you, but Golden Age musicals make be feel like wearing a top hat, white tie, and tails. Celebrate that mood and feel classy while writing that essay!

  4. The Rap Artist:

  5. Ingredients: Cola, Nicki Minaj,  writing mnemonics in the student union.

  6. What better to inspire clever wordings for your biology mnemonics than listening to the best modern rapper spit her own words? Nothing, that’s what.

  7. The Rock’n’Roller:

  8. Ingredients: Rockstar (duh), The Rolling Stones and Joan Jett, finishing projects in the lounge the night before they’re due.

  9. You push life to the limit. You played hard, now you’re working hard. You may feel a little trashed in the morning. You are… The P(ROCK)ject Star.

  10. The Bandstand: 

  11. Ingredients: Lemonade, big band music, studying note cards on the quad.

  12. Just because it’s not the Fourth of July doesn’t mean you can’t feel like you’re off to the races. See how quickly you can get through a deck of note cards 100% correctly, and let Duke Ellington’s band cheer you on.

  13. The Dubstepper:

  14. Ingredients: Mountain Dew, dubstep, highlighting and rewriting your notes late at night.

  15. Let caffeine and the beat help you focus on those pretty colors and understanding what you’re rewriting.

  16. The History Nerd:

  17. Ingredients: Earl Grey, your Music History required listening tracks, making history timelines in a grand hall somewhere.

  18. Hey, you have to listen to these tracks anyway, right? You might as well listen to them to help set the mood for Historical Studying.

  19. The Guilty Pleasure:

  20. Ingredients: Your favorite drink, your favorite music, working on your second-to-least favorite class.

  21. You have to work on this stuff eventually. This way, you’re getting some homework you want to avoid done with, and getting a bit of a treat as well.

Don’t stress about doing exactly these – they’re suggestions! Mix and match at your leisure.

Go forth and study!

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