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It’s happening. I’ve hinted online, I’ve mentioned surprises, and this is it! What what!

I will be releasing How to Music Major: Surviving the College Search this coming week. This is my guide to, you guessed it, surviving and thriving during the music major application process. This book contains some of my most requested answers, including:

  1. How auditions actually work!

  2. How to figure out whether a music major is right for you!

  3. How to handle audition nerves!

  4. AND MORE!

It is going to be released through Amazon! Through Smashwords! Through every eReader platform I could find!

PLUS! If you signed up for my email list way back in the beginning, you get a copy of this ebook for FREE.

Yes. No cost. It’ll get sent to you for free. That’s what you get for being cool. Deal with it.

Watch for emails! There will be links coming as soon as it is up!

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