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How to Have a Bad Day

So. In the past two hours I have:

  1. Forgotten my lunch

  2. Gotten so lost that I ended up 45 minutes late for work

  3. Destroyed my phone screen, which is partially why I was in fact 45 minutes late for work

  4. Got sent to a 7th floor that doesn’t actually exist, thanks random professor dude

It hasn’t been a great day so far. It has, in fact, been bad.

Bad days happen to everyone. Literally every single thing that could possibly go wrong seems to go as poorly as possible. By the third or fourth thing to go wrong, you’re ready to throw in the towel on the whole “today” concept and just sleep until tomorrow happens.

I get it. I really, really do.

However, just because stuff went south doesn’t mean that your whole day or week is forfeit. Here’s how to recup and move on after just, like, the suckiest of days.

Cry if you need to. It happens. Tears are literally emotion pressure-release valves. Let them out if you need to. It’s not a sign of weakness, it’s a natural response. It’s okay.

Don’t be afraid to complain. You are allowed to talk about your bad day. Sometimes, just talking about it and feeling heard can make stuff feel better.

Stop focusing on the stuff that went wrong. Distract yourself. Watch videos of your favorite musician. Play some phone games. Get a coffee. If you can get your mind off of it for a couple minutes, when you come back to the subject it won’t be as bad.

Treat yourself. Light a fancy candle, or get a larger size of your favorite drink, or put on your favorite outfit. Take some time to be kind to yourself. A day turns bad over the course of several bad events and negative thoughts – you can bring it back with a series of self-kindnesses.

Sleep. If all else fails take a nap. Sleep is the true healer. It will make everything feel better. Go do it. Take a nap.

You’ve got this.

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