How to Celebrate the End of Finals Week

Depending on whether or not you’re lucky, finals may be just about over or just beginning. Either way, here’s how to celebrate when they’re FINALLY (ha) over and done with. Light a grill and cook a steak with the notes from that gen-ed class you hate. Ask out the cutie in that one class. Return all of the books you checked out for your papers and revel in the literal weight off your back. Have a party. Have a NAP party. Visit all the places you like in the city that you haven

Advice to My College Freshman Self

So often I write stuff here that is supposed to be widely applicable advice. It’s supposed to help out as many people as possible! However, as I’ve just started my final year of my undergraduate degree, I’ve been thinking a lot about what would have been useful advice to my freshman self. What kind of things would have been useful for younger me to hear? So I wrote a list. Note: freshman me had a couple weird problems. You are nearly six damn feet tall. Don’t loft your bed. C